You can win a scholarship ($1295 value) to the Women’s Yoga Immersion & Detox in Thailand!!!

Women’s Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Best haiku on the themes:
How awesome will be to get down with your Radical Self-Acceptance and Creativity in Chang Mai, Thailand?
Why do *you* need a retreat and/or detox?
The Way of the Happy Woman

The author of the best haiku will win a full tuition scholarship ($1295 value) to the Women’s Yoga Immersion & Detox in Chang Mai, Thailand. From January 7th to the 15th, 2011 you will enjoy fresh mountain air, stunning views, lovely poolside rooms, and a complete wellness facility at your disposal in the Spa Chiang Mai, a resort nestled on a hillside in a remote village outside of Chiang Mai. With yoga, meditation, and courses like “Redefining Sensuality” you’ll emerge from this experience glowing inside and out and ready to manifest your dreams.

Scholarship covers tuition, winner would need to pay room/board of $495 for a shared & $685 for a private room. Haiku must be submitted to by 5:30pm Friday 9/24/10.

Good luck!
🙂 Monika
P.S. SARA AVANT STOVER will be on Sexploration with Monika this Friday talking about the Women’s Yoga Immersion and Detox in Thailand and her upcoming book, “The Way of the Happy Woman.” Learn more about Body Love, Crafting your unique life’s purpose, how to tap into and use the power of your menstrual cycle (rather than have it work against you) and the 7 Secrets of being a happy woman at – and rest assured I will also be grilling her on these topics in our live interview on!

P.S.S A haiku is a poem with three lines, the first line 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the last line 5 syllables. For instance:

I am freaking out.
I need the “Free” to save me!
Retreat, you say? Ahhhhhh.

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