Wreckless Intent 12-2-18

Would you take a look at these crazy SOBS!!! Wreckless Intent back at ya for your unorthodox entertainment for Sunday!!! We have some great topics to discus! Anti-Abortion bill could give the death penalty as punishment, #QAnon patch worn by a deputy during a meeting with the Vice President, and a Yale study that shows liberals dumb down their speech when talking to minorities. We would also like to touch on a topic from last week we didn’t have time for, the other side of the meaning behind Thanksgiving! It’s gonna be a great one so be sure to tune in live from 6-8 pm in Studio2B only at Fccfreeradio.com!!! Zee and Mike Glendinning will be running tonights show! Jay Austin Graham will have the night off! Fccfreeradio mofo’s!!! That’s whats up!!!! 


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