truckWell tonight John and Ashly will not be in studio, they return next week with a very special guest… Don Lewis Barnhart. If you don’t know who this guy is, look him up on Google. But tonight he management decided the filling the time with past shows would be a good idea, So we are taking you back to a good place in time with one from Saturday May 15th 2010. This is when the radio station started the change of websites. But is a 4 hours show in 2 hour blocks. John Miller and Susan Maletta hosting The John Miller Program and their guests were Ronn Vigh and Sandra M Risser. This 1/2 starts at 6:00 Pm in Studio 1…VERY funny first 1/2 of 4 hours. You get Part #2 on May 3rd at 6 PM only on the world famous The John Miller Program. Make sure to give John and Susan some love and tune in to this to be played once and it gone… there will not be a recording… live is the only way how to get your fix of John and Susan….

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