Its a train wreck, but it’s the longest running (train wreck) webcast!

So tonight John Miller and Ashly Russell AKA: The John Miller Program with Ashly Russell get to interview someone that left radio and moved to the UK after being the founder of one of the most talked about pirate radio stations in the world and that John was a part of, Daniel “Monkey Man” Roberts the founder of Pirate Cat Radio. So at 7:00 PM we will have Daniel via phone from the U.K., just so you know it 4:00 AM in the U.K. There are a lot of people who got there start in radio because of this man! Also via phone also we have via phone from Arizona Andy Slye, comic and friend of John back in the day!  They will have John Brown a funny guy that always a text message away to spend time with John and Ashly, Kristian Sojda host to the Dubplate Soundsystem on Saturday, Melinda Adams “Station Mother” and host to one of the longest shows on FFR Lily Cat on Stuff. Hell she left PCR because of John getting fired……. This train wreck AKA: “The Longest Running Live Webcast” is live from the world famous John Miller Studios inside FCCFREE Radio!!


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