We have been chomping at the bit for this podcast for at least 15 years!! That’s right John Miller and Ashly Russell are going have there work cut for them on this installment of the JMP!! First to the mic will be one of the biggest names in Hollywood back in the day and is still relevant today! Dawn Wells, AKA “Mary Ann” from “Gilligan’s Island” will be joining the show selling her new book “A Guide To Life: What Would Mary Ann Do?” We will be asking the pop culture question, “Ginger or Mary Ann”?. Next up is just another Internet Broadcaster that I go way back with and we can let the story tell itself from there, he is VERY talented, well liked person also has a podcast on, Will Wilkins will be joining us for the first time. This has been coming since 1997! This all takes place Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST on The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell in world famous Studio 1A on FCCFREE RADIO!!! The link below is the last podcast till 8:05 PM and the old will be replaced with the new one!

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