Its time once again for The John Miller Program

For the first podcast of the year John Miller and Ashly Russell will have two staples of comedy here in the bay area. First one was on the first show 10 years ago at Pirate Cat Radio when it was above a body shop, Kurt Weitzmann. Dan Linley from Fish Burps on FFR will be filling in for our missing guest and just in case we will have via phone at 7:30 Phil Perrier. Keep supporting  the “Longest Running Comedy Podcast” AKA: The John Miller Program with Ashly Russell. This year we will have shows times every other week we will be on Tuesday and the next time will be Sunday at 4:00 PM. Both shows will be in the “John Miller Studio” AKA: Studio 1A only on FCCFREE Radio San Francisco’s #1 Internet Radio station!!

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