John and Rachel return after a 3 week vacation, they come back with all their fingers and no STD’s! With the 4th of July and Pride week during this vacation not to have lost a finger or get a STD they did well! This week they plan to mentally molest you along with some of the JMP most favorite guests to help them. John and Rachel host long time podcast favorite, Kurt Weitzmann. Kurt has been coming on the podcast before they were called podcasts, over 6 years coming on the program!! Tom Sawyer will return for his second appearance on the program, John and Rachel will ask “WHY?” Also returning to his third chair duties Rob Davis will be here. If that’s not a podcast, John’s photographer will be here, Jay Austin Graham. So make sure to tune in and find out if the guests have all their fingers and no new STD’s at 6 PM PST in the world famous ‘Studio 2B” of FCCFREE RADIO.

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