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Sunday – We will celebrate PRDE in SF with LGBTIQQA music and stories …

…And a call -in interview from the beautiful writer – Missy Abrazos, AUTHOR OF: Life is Wonderful, People Are Terrific. Out July 2015 on Ladybox Books! About the novel: Our heroine, Missy Fuego, sets out on many adventures being young, drunk, punk and Xicana/Chicana in the 90’s in Northern California from the forests, beaches, and Xicano community of Santa Cruz to the smokey punk bars, strip clubs, and Queer-girl culture of San Francisco. Missy is an eighteen-year-old Xicana, first in her family to leave home and accept a scholarship at a prestigious yet hippie university tucked away in the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains in 1996. But scholarship money proves to be tough, and she has to moonlight as a stripper to pay the bills in “the city” putting her at constant odds with two developing worlds . Through her daily journey to get things done she manages to dodge close-calls, and neo-nazi skinheads, Xicano authenticity battles, Riot Grrl race politics, and hippies all the while exploring her Xicanisma consciousness, Queer identity, getting paid through her thong, and learning to take a chance on herself.

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By Melinda Adams

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