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This Sunday – We will have Joan Steidinger, author of ‘Sisterhood in Sports’
of Left Coast Writers. We will talk about the community in sports and the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas with song and stories.

Dr. Joan Steidinger is a licensed psychologist, sport psychologist, and Certified Consultant for the Association of Applied Sports Psychology. She specializes in sports and peak performance psychology, women’s issues, public safety officers (police and fire), depression & anxiety, addiction problems, life transitions, and stress/post traumatic stress (PTSD).

She has worked with both pro and amateur athletes in such sports as running, cycling (both road and mountain), soccer, football, softball, basketball, volleyball, boxing, tennis, triathlon, and golf. She also works with musicians, dancers, and other performing artists focusing on performance, injury concerns & adjustments, and personal issues.

The author of SISTERHOOD IN SPORTS: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete, she wanted to write a book that would honor female athletes, instead of penalizing them for showing their emotions.

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