zombie-cat-lilyHello sweeties

Put on your comfortable clothes, get some cookies and whiskey, and cuddle up with your internet. I have some I have on the show the authors Left Coast Writers – Jonathan Arnowitz & Morris Taylor.

Also, I will have the beautiful and talented musician and dancer – Rasa Vitilla co-hosting with me…

Morris Taylor is a contemporary version of the Renaissance man. Throughout his fourscore  and more years he has displayed a keen interest and considerable skill in the arts, religion, family and leather life style.

Author, Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan A. Taylor is a San Francisco based writer and designer. He studied Theater and then, naturally, went on to design user-friendly software for such companies as Google, Nokia, and most recently General Electric. Jonathan started writing at a very young age. He has written books and numerous articles on design. He is now concentrating on works of fiction. He is fascinated by the moments in a person’s life that are defining and revelatory, often without the person being aware of them. Jonathan’s works attempt to explore how despite the gravest challenges, defeats, and mistakes, we humans are capable of resurrecting ourselves and find some saving grace in ourselves to carry on as best we can. These challenges can cover the gamut  of great challenges and regrets such as moments from child sexual abuse to show downs with parents and other self-defining moments.


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