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On Lilycat on Stuff – this Sunday (1/16/11) Blake of Paranormal Research is back with a gaggle of mediums and Ghostbusters… So we can finally find out if the studio is haunt (I vote for turn of the Century hooker ghost)..

Some for the group coming contains:

Paul Jude Walker- the author of Main Stream Metaphsysics: A Guide for the Skeptic in All of Us.

Michael “kunu” Hopinka is a pure Native American from the Wisconsin “Hochunk” tribe. He is a hands-on Spiritual Healer and a certified hypnotherapist. He also conducts Native ceremonies; such as sweat Lodges, overnight Tee Pee meetings and in-home “ghost busting”, as he calls it.
Jeanette “Feather” Barillas is a Shamanic Practitioner from Central America. She is a hands-on healer. She also conducts Soul Retrievals, House blessings and or “Clearings”, and she also conducts end-of-life ceremonies.
Both Feather and Kunu have been healing-business partners for nearly four years. Their services include: in home-Hands-on healings, Public Speaking events, House Clearings and Workshops. Their combined experience of over 30 years, encompasses the entire Americas, including Canada

Call in with questions and ghost stories-513-5239 …

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