Hello sweeties

Lilycat on Stuff – This Sunday (December 26th)…I may have Hernan Cortez coming on the show… But with or without him – I have stuffed my bag with crazy Christmas tunes and other songs that remind me of years past or pasting soon… Any I will shove down your DSL all the cool holiday events, traditions, and stories… My over sugared mind can think of…

Call in with favorite holiday traditions or what you want for Xmas –513-5239 …

Also, listen to the podcast of Sci-fi writer – Richard Kadrey


December 26 – Blake and Vinnie and maybe Rev Joey of Paranormal Research

January 23 – Francesca Gentille (holistic sex person) & zeke??

January 30 – Writer – Zeke Tyrus

Please tune in and tune in to the station in general – we have a lot of great shows… Comedy, music, talk, and fun… the DJs are real SF characters.

Also, if you want to be a DJ – contact the station… It is your warm & fuzzy community station.

XOOX – Have a great day

By Melinda Adams

The shortbus of radio shows

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