Hello sweeties …
….So we will have in the studio some artist from the ‘Man as Object’ art show at SomARTS ( http://www.somarts.org/exhibitions/main-gallery/) and Tom Orr will be coming back so he and I can talk about his new play – SexRev: The Jose Sarria Experience ( http://counterpulse.org/), which I will have seen by then….

Sunday – 11/13/11 on Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio
12 -2PM
Call in with comments – 415-829-2980 …

By Melinda Adams

The shortbus of radio shows

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  1. This is a comment for the Brother Bruno Show every Saturday afternoon….
    It’s PERFECT for the raining day groove, while sitting back and getting something on……He will take any request just by calling into the station like in the WOLFMAN JACK DAYS………..haha….remember American Graffiti??? Well actually the WOLFMAN broadcast out of a small station in Mexico back then, but it was during the time radio went COAST-TO-COAST….and they danced all night long, had slumber parties and listened to “Transister Radios in AM/FM”…..Cool huh?
    Now with IPODS and IPADS and SmartPhones and Apple G4, the sky’s the limit!!
    GROOVE ON BRUNO and all the gang at FCCFREE RADIO! We love ya!

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