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This Sunday – We will have a call in interview with Film PXL and obscure Curator and film theory scholar – Gerry Fialka… As he tells use about RU Sirus and more…

…. We will have in the studio another Left Coast Writer – Tami Casias, who young adult books has written winning the largest prize in the history of her beloved theme park.) and ” Crystal Bound” (Julie inherits metaphysical powers on her 16th birthday that compel her to help others.) and “My Affair with Mickey”.

Mini discovers her husband Michael is cheating minutes before winning the largest prize in the history of Disneyland. She has a three-day stay in the
Castle to decide what to do with her life before Michael’s return.
This is a fun and endearing story about a woman who has never finished
anything in her life. But the qualities she didn’t know she had including
resourcefulness, kindness and a love of adventure are brought to light when
combined with her childhood memories of the park.

I will play cartoon and film related music.

Sundays – Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM

By Melinda Adams

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