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This Sunday … We will have Mara Leveritt author of “Dark Spell”….
Devil’s Knot author Mara Leveritt joins Jason Baldwin in Dark Spell: Surviving the Sentence

“Jason was 16 when police charged him with murdering three children. While claiming he knew nothing about the crime, he shared Americans’ general confidence in their legal system. At first, he expected forensic science to clear him. Facing trial, he believed that its aim was to get at the truth. Even when he was convicted, he believed that higher courts would address such clear errors as his attorneys’ failure to present his alibi witnesses. Jason was, in a sense, “everyman.””

… Leroy Moore of Sins Invalid – http://www.sinsinvalid.org (Inner Beauty in the face of adversity) -talking about art and disabilities and inner strength and spirit …. And bringing community together…. And their up coming projects….

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Sunday – Lily cat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM

By Melinda Adams

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