Tonight is Ep.2 of Lockeboy Radio!!! Nerdy Politicz aka Nerdboi Mari will be a guest on the show bringing some of his new music, talking about his new signing deal with Black Market Records and more.. Tune in at 6PM at then click studio 2B!!! Let’s Go baby!!!

By Brandon Locke

It's ya boy B. Locke ,80s born 90s raised in Bakersfield CA. As a Hip Hop Artist I'm always thinking of new ways to distribute my music, and with doing so I saw an opportunity to not only do that but potentially reach a vast public. It could open the door for many who feel how I feel and can relate to topics discussed on our show. And most importantly, we're gonna have FUN BABY YEAH!! Because God knows we need it. So set the reminders on your Siri and Alexa's, TGIF is making a come back Lockeboy style. Tune in every Friday from 6-8pm West Coast time ,,LIVE from San Fransisco!! B. Locke Out!! Instagram: @blocke28 Facebook: Twitter: @blocke28 Youtube: @blocke28

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