Make way for the return of The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta on March 25th at 8 PM. John is going to have a very busy weekend. FFR is having it birthday on the 18th and on the 19th John is using some of his pull in town to see Kevin Smith on the 19th at The Warfleald. So if you are a Kevin Smith fan and going to the show look for John back stage! John and Susan will be the hosts to the birthday part, so look for John and Susan in recovery on Sunday. So with this news the JMP will be doing a best of The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta. Below is a outtake of the show in video….. Susan is the star of the video… Thanks Susan for the GREAT times! Thanks to all FFR fans, hosts and most of all the people who told me I could not do this… Next big thing for FFR, FCCFREE RADIO Hollywood. Stay tuned to the JMP for more info on Hollywood! See you all on the radio.

John Miller

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