Body image isn’t just a women’s issue and isn’t only about weight, it could mean height, acne, teeth, fitness, or any of a number of things that we could worry about. Models often have a terrible self image while people who do very little in the way of hygiene have a fabulous self image!! Another issue that we associate more with women’s (but is something that is no less important for men) is heartbreak. We’re also going to talk to authors Kimberley Johnson & Ann Warner about the stories of male heartbreak…men have written Ann & Kimberly about love lost and the ones that got away, and they’ve compiled the book: “Ain’t No Sunshine: Men Reveal The Pain of Heartbreak.”
Then we’ll speak with Toxic Reverend Tom Krohmer about the effects of toxic chemicals on your sexuality, how toxins affect your endocrine system, and how to detoxify *your* gonads (or ovaries)!
Dr. Annice Ormiston, clinical psychologist, will discuss her work on how mindfulness, or being present in the moment is connected to healthy relationships. Her research shows, for the first time, an association between mindfulness and adaptive responses to conflict. We’ll also be talking about attachment security and relationship satisfaction… or in other words, your ability to trust and connect affects your happiness about your relationship.

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