Let's Have A Riot With Imack !!!
Let’s Have A Riot With Imac !!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year !! It’s spring, the grass is getting greener, the days are getting longer and Imac is turning 30 TODAY !!!! So, grab your helmets, pepper spray and tazers ‘cuz we just about to jump the barricade and start throwing Molotov cocktails at your Ear Drums with no mercy !!! Imac’s goin to be in Cancun next week so let’s bring to donkey show to him in Studio 1A tonight from 6 to 8pm, we will open gifts, take shots and drop the grooviest heavy metal on the web. Also, Foze will be here so it’s definately gonna get stupid and be a blast . You can call in live at 415-829-2980 or friend/like me on Facebook (P.J. Boston or Metal Groove Radio) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And really, thanks again so much for all the feedback and support – the studio brass just told me we got the number one show at fccfreeradio for the month of march so far – so keep it up !!!!    \m/   \m/

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