John Miller and Chantel Williams are your hosts, and this week on the program they have….

Rob Brackenridge, very funny comic and writer out of LA.  Kurt Weitzman is in the top 10 comics ever to be on the program, VERY funny comic and writer from San Francisco. Both Kurt and Rob have been long time supporters of the program.

Musical guest is Sean O’Brien and is booked to play Saturday night on the program. He is also booked Aug. 20th at Hotel Utah.

We also will be talking puppets on the program with the fine folks from Disturbing Puppets for a Disturbing World! They should fit right in on the JMP!

Also on the bill, Dan Wilson and Andrew Roberts, San Francisco comics.

This is the “Longest Running Comedy Podcast”.

There is a reason behind that!

Tune in and find out!

The John Miller Program with Chantel Williams

Saturday nights at 8 PM on

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