The question is how do you beat having a Chicken and Bob Rubin on the radio at the same time….. You have to bring the heat for sure and they have the fire burning this week….

John Miller and Susan Maletta are back with a great lineup of guests. Tonight they will have long time friend Kira Soltanovich from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She is the voice of the Phony Photo Booth. She fuck’s with peoples heads for a living… What a job! We will be getting caught up with her and what she has been doing since she got married.

Next if that was not enough star power for you we have a Kurt Weitzman. He is a local favorite here in San Francisco and long time friend of the program and has been coming around for over 5 years. Also commenting himself to the program, Rob E. Danger will be holding up the third chair….

So make sure to tune in for the crazy at 8 PM PST to Studio 2B for The World Famous and Longest Running Webcast/Podcast… The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta… They have been doing podcasting long before it was even called podcasting and it became cool in Hollywood!

The link below will become live with tonights show at 10:05 PM PST they are in California.

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