So tonight we will be talkin “Bacon”… Code for only one thing, The John Miller Program with Kat Bryson. Tonight they booked a great program with…..The first guest long time friend and founder and owner of “Running With Scissors, that is the studios of the BEST first person shooter game in the world, “POSTAL lll! Vince Desi will be on the program live from the offices  RWS in Tucson AZ. Next will be Josh Sneed from Ohio. He was the star of the of the Doritos commercial 2009 Super Bowl, also a very funny comic and returning guest. Next to be on the stand..”The BirdMan”. We will be talking life in prison and the stories that go with doing time! Next up the man that makes The John Miller Program staff look good in photos and very funny… Welcome Dave Deluce. Last on the stand to testfie id Rudy Ortiz… So make sure to tune to John and Kat while they host the “Longest Running Webcast” The world famous The John Miller Program with Kat Bryson LIVE starting at 8 PM PST… all the way to midnight!  Thats California time for the masses that cant d0 math.

We will see you on the radio in Studio 2B


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