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Jackson McBrayer brings a unique comedic perspective. In the tight-knit, stand-up comedy community of San Francisco, there are only a handful of comedians who love metal music as much as he does. And of those, he’s the only one with stories about crowd surfing in his wheelchair. Jackson is also the co-creator and writer for, which is all about tattoos, metal, and nerdery.

Travis Too Much Curry will also be on the show. Travis hosts the “Rude at the Rouge” Comedy Night at Nick’s Crispy Tacos in San Francisco on Monday nights.

 And finally, Alex White will be joining us. Cracking wise about depression, addiction, hecklers and self improvement, bay area comedian Alex White has performed at Cobb’s, the Punchline, The Comedy Store and other shows across California. He assumes his career in comedy will be satisfactory for him, while leaving something to be desired for his father.

 Tune in!

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