Over booked like a United Flight.. It’s the John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell

It time once again for John Miller and Ashly Russell to get back in the studio Tuesday night at 6:00 pm and give you another installment of the “Longest Running Webcast” The John Miller Program. This week its going to be nothing but a good old fashion crazy time… This week to entertain John and Ashly they got friend of the station 94/95 Super Bowl Champ, Dennis T. Brown.. He was with the 49er’s till 1998. Also see him on Comcast Sports Network as a commentator. He was the guest bartender along with Ashly at the 9th Anniversary party for the station at the Tonic Bar just a few weeks back! We also have Mean Dave coming back to the program after John banned him from the station, they worked it out!! Also the host to the #1 downloaded show in 2016  PJ Boston from Metal Groove Radio. They will work out the seating before entering the studios, no madder what Dennis gets whatever mic he wants after Ashly, after that Fight Club……  To soon? Asking for a friend….All to be broadcasted on FaceBook LIVE CLICK HERE!!   AT 6:00 pm….audio on the feeds of FCCFREE Radio


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