Ranchwood Radio; Episode 1 (6-21-2020)

Today on “RR” we are dedicating the first few minutes to the fact that’s its FATHER’S DAY and it’s our first episode. We will be playing some songs by several different artists with father’s day themes throughout the show. We will also be introducing ourselves and explaining the intended format of the show. Episode 1 will be unlike any other because we will not be doing the normal sequence. Today we won’t be playing artist who have sent in songs to be selected for our unsigned artist top 10 which we want to be determined by listener’s votes. this is why we need to explain to our audience that their participation is needed and greatly appreciated. Also we will be displaying a small bit of our music and talk about our achievements so far and give each other a short interview for people to get a general idea of our background along with over an hour of good music to enjoy.


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