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On Sunday, June 13 –
Lilycat on Stuff – Sundays 12-2PM -http://FCCFREERADIO.com
podcast – http://www.lilycat.com/radioshows.html

So, this Sunday … I will be talking about sex again… It isn’t that I have a one track mind… But I know a lot of sex experts and sexy people…
So, we will have on the phone – Sarah Sloane – Sex educator – http://www.sarahsloane.net
Also, we will have some sex songs and other sex stories…

Call in with your best sex advice – 415-513-5239 … Seriously… I would love to hear from you…


June 20 – Matt DeJong of Dead Generation (comic) –

June 27 – Miles Country – band (formally Pistol Sunrise)

July 25 – Sci-fi writer – Richard Kadrey

August 15 – Devena – Adult Baby Dom

August 22 – Francesca Gentille (holistic sex person)

****So, I’m thinking every month – I’d like to encourage people to support a local charity and a SF community
(cause the various communities are what makes SF great):

This month: Pets Are Wonderful Support- http://www.pawssf.org

And my new favorite community – tattooed bikers – the nice motorcycle club people have a clothing shop & tattoo pallor
Go to the shop -buy a bad-ass t-shirt or get a tattoo – 415 Tattoo & Clothing – 155-12th Street, SF – http://www.415tattoo.com/

Please tune in and tune in to the station in general – we have a lot of great shows… Comedy, music, talk, and fun… the DJs are real SF characters.

Also, if you want to be a DJ – contact the station… It is your warm & fuzzy community station.

XOOX – Have a great day

By Melinda Adams

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