How would your life be better if “Whore!” were no longer an insult? What would happen if “slut” was synonymous with “generous” or “free?” Great show tonight with Lilly Ally & Maxine Holloway of “Cum and Glitter,” on sex-worker activism and advocacy. What are the benefit of destigmatizing and decriminalizing sex work? From disrespectful but all too habitual myths, to false hierarchies, to female ejaculation, and sex education, an exploration of the power and realities of sex-work. Who qualifies as being a sex-worker? Do you have to actually have sex? What qualifies as sex? Are exotic dancers sex workers? We talk about client screening and negotiation, consent, beauty ideals (and busting out of them), sexual power, and subverting the dominant culture paradigm. There will be no dumbing down the sexiness.

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