Clinical Sexologist and Sacred Courtesan School’s Francesca Gentille and I discuss the shadows that can lurk beneath a charismatic romance, how to de-program yourself so you can love and find nice guys sexy! Plus her party “Essence,” putting the sacred into BDSM!
Plus, “Adore Me” – a Second Base Party transforms 1015 Folsom into seductive make-out harem with cupids and toplessness is totally allowed! Yay!
Then, Max J. Van Praag on erotic role play from Cinderella to Master/slave in conscious, saucy fun. Plus the relationship of Hot Sex & integrity, authenticity, artistic expression, holding onto yourself in relationship, & body-centered awareness.
Finally, Shilo McCabe’s Sex-Positive and Women of Color photo projects! With Token Straight Guy the Rock-N-Roll Nurse!

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