On Sexploration with Monika interviews with Katie Keech, therapist specializing in PTSD/trauma survivors, BDSM, and outsider sexualities. Do people like sadism/masochism because they were abused? If people have been abused, can they enjoy consensual BDSM play safely? Also, Katie and I discuss the importance of being accepted by your therapist whether you’re transgender, a sex-worker, polyamorous, or however you like to fly your freak flag 😉
Peter Keresztury artist and curator of erotic photography show “On The Edge”, tells us about the biggest, edgiest photography show on West Coast and what it’s like having women ask you if it’s ok if they take their clothes off and get tied up please.

Plus “COCKFIDENCE – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild” with sex and relationship gurus Celeste & Dr. Danielle… how reclaiming your sexual power can be a function of your empathy – and getting into your own desires and sensations!
Finally bondage rigger & switch Lilac Wine tells us what’s really interesting about her duel bondage scene at next weeks Supperclub Bondage Dinner (Feb 4th).
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