Inches for Charity, a “cockumentary” about penis size, intends to raise money for an orphanage in South Africa for children with AIDS. We speak with director Nicholas Sher about “the penis rack” – the only proven method for permanent penis enlargement, and Dr. Kemi Ando is in the studio to tell us, “is stretching your penis really safe?”

Will Token Straight Guy Jim Stone go for double-bonus points for trying on the penis rack? (makers of holy objects for your hoo-ha, etc) has the craziest and most beautiful silicone wang I have ever seen, and yes it is kinda holy, literally glowing in the dark.

Later in the show, Dr. Kemi Ando, who did her dissertation on erotic breath play, will be chock-full of helpful information with harm-reduction tips on how (if you are going to play with breath control or choke your partner) not end up brain-damaged. That seems important, along with questions on playing safer with breath play and sitting-on-your-face and nitrous oxide, aka whippits or “hippy crack.” We wonder how the above oral sex is connected with breath play, but we’ll see. Jim may even have a surprise in his pocket, and it’s not his iphone… or is it his iphone? Prepare to be impressed and giggle at the same time. Perhaps we will someday manage to get back on track with Dr. Kemi’s events like “Cum for a Cause” and the Society of Janus “Munch.”

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