How do you ask your husband for a gang bang for your birthday? What if you got your wish? Is there no such thing as too much pleasure or are you never satisfied? We’ll talk to Kim, the partner of award-winning erotic photographer David Steinberg about the gang bang with birthday candles -and- the frosting on the cake…
Plus comedianne Morgan, who once was a iron worker in Jersey. When he was (a “him” and) working as an iron worker in Jersey, he fell off a scaffolding and realized that he couldn’t live the lie anymore… and became a (female) comedian in the Bay Area…. who is now is (not only a lesbian) but also having NEW and INTERESTING experiences after diving into the SF queer community and meeting Sexploration guests Nina Hartley, Reid Mihalko, Dr. Carol Queen… and yes, there are stories.

Which wet dreams would you want to explore – and which ones are pure fantasy? How do *you* tell the difference?
Host Monika Thomas is a certified sexual health educator and teaches Healthy Relationship classes in SF. E-mail questions to

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