We’ll be talking about sexual empowerment and fighting misinformation with Jessi Fischer, the sexademic. She’s Adjunct Professor at San Francisco State University teaching their class on LGBTQ issues and society, and was recently invited to Cambridge University to speak in favor of pornography saying that the misogyny that overwhelms porn images is endemic in the greater culture (albeit perhaps more subtly than in porn), however porn can look like anything (depending on who makes it), and not all of it is bad, plus it is a necessary catalyst for desire, experimentation, and debate about sexuality in our sexually repressed culture. While Fischer’s side won both debates on pornography, she discovered that speaking out in favor of porn excluded her from her true passion, teaching medically-accurate age-appropriate sex information for young people. Apparently even saying that porn could be a good thing when created ethically and used consciously by adults banned her from youth sex education. Now her work is focused on what she calls the real issues impacting sexuality: restrictive ideologies, sexism, anxiety, shame and willful misinformation. We’ll also have Good Vibrations’ Charlie Glickman, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on sexual shame, and Aislinn Emirzian who teaches workshops on Prostate Play. You can learn more about ‘Prostate Play with sex educator Charlie Glickman & Aislinn Emirzian Sunday, Jan 29th at The Looking Glass~ Jack London Square, Oakland. Also, San Francisco Sex Information’s fundraiser is tomorrow Saturday, Jan. 21st at Public Works on Erie and Mission, with sexy performances by Lady Monster, Mickey Finn and Dante DeMoan of the Rebel Kings, and The Electrodolls. We’ll find out if Professor Fischer will be manning the sex information booth. Our Token Straight Guy will be The Rock & Roll Nurse from FCC Free Radio’s Backspins (Thursday 6-8pm in Studio 2B). Listen LIVE tonight to Sexploration with Monika from 6-7pm Pacific in FCC Free Radio’s Studio 1A (https://www.fccfreeradio.com/?page_id=122), download the weekly podcast at https://www.fccfreeradio.com/shows/monika/live/monika_show.mp3 or check out the monika_show archives!!!

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