B Side Mikey Show

Hosted By: Mikey

Saturdays from 8 – 10pm

Studio 2B

It’s The B Side Mikey Show coming at “ya” every Saturday evening from 8pm to 10pm. A unique show which will consist of a wide open format of tunes for your ear hole. Leaning on that Rock & Roll side from decades of talented bands from around the world. Many styles of tunes such as Rock, Metal, Groove Metal, Stoner Rock, Classics and a lot more. There will shout outs, current events, live band interviews, and always a open suggestion box from all you listeners by calling in live.

B Side Mikey Show Podcast

6 thoughts on “B Side Mikey Show”
  1. Eric

    How are you? I had not seen this comment as I was taken care of a family member who has now passed. My apologies! I don’t mind studio guest, what did you have in mind?


    B Side

  2. I know B.Side.
    This son of a bitch knows EVERYTHING music, up one side and down the B side.
    He ain’t so much on Ella, Louis, Dorsey, or Les & Mary (except the guitar side of Les Paul) but he deserves an honorary Ph.D in music from Yale. He lives, breathes, eats, shi… music. Started in utero, literally, cut his teeth on metal then ate any tunes he could to grow. And he’s never stopped. I credit him for giving me music and opening my ears forever. And I grew up with a professional guitarist.
    Live. Fucking. LONG, Skojie.

    He’s no joke.

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