Big Guitar Show

Hosted By: Big Myke Destiny

Saturdays from 12pm – 3pm

Studio 1A

Tune in for the best Americana, Roots Rock, Rock-a-Billy, Psychobilly, Surf, Insurgent Country, Cow Punk, Garage Rock, Hillbilly Swing and Blues. It’s 3 hours of footstompin’ fun!!! Pick up on it!!!


Big Guitar Show Podcast

16 thoughts on “Big Guitar Show”
  1. Love listenin’ to these shows anytime I want – I’m havin’ a tooth pickin’, boot stompin’, knee slappin’ good time! Rock on BMD!

  2. Hey big Myke sounding great man! Congrats on your recent surgery hope all is well great to hear the big guitar show once again!

  3. Big Myke – always great to be able to tune in to the BIG GUITAR show, we miss you out here on the West Coast, hoping to have you back soon so we can arrange another Hotrod/BBQ Hullabaloo at the ranch out in Almaden Valley.

  4. Pittsburgh Pirates Vs Oakland A’s World Series would be nice .
    If the Pirates win , I’ll paint your Cadillac for free !

    And to think you used to be a Giants fan , all the time you were a spy !

    My Heart is in pain………..

  5. Thanks Big Myk!!
    I play bass for Tokyo Beef & am grateful for intruding our band to the world.
    Come Down Under so we can shout you a beer or 2!!
    Very very cool stuff mate!
    You Rock!!!

  6. …and what’s weirder is that my name is Mykel – They call me Big Myk & I used to be in a duo known as Destiny Duo..
    Are we related?? 😉

  7. Hi, your Bigness! It is really great to know you are still bumblin’ and stumblin’ around. I don’t have a computer to listen to the show, but I am looking at the site at the library. That day at the Billetproof will go down in history. At least mine. Rock on, man. Hot Rod Bob from South City.

  8. Big Myke Destiny,

    Are you still spinning wax and hollering back tracks? I used to hear you on KFJC for a few years. Great music & good times. I miss that punk/rockabilly/surf line up every Saturday, but I found you here now. Thanks for rocking my weekends with that big guitar sound.

  9. Big Myke!

    Destiny! Destiny! No escaping! Dude… San Jose, Saturdays ridin’ in the sun blastin’ the KFJC
    with The Big Guitar Show on. Some of the best years of my pathetic life. Glad to see yer still rockin’ it brah!

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