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Sundays from Noon – 2pm

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Wacky music (show tunes, punk, local, and weirdly found) played in-between conversations with some of the most unique characters from diverse communities. We laugh, we cry, we learn stuff.


Lilycat on Stuff PodCast

9 thoughts on “Lilycat on Stuff”
  1. Hey Lilycat, thanks soo much for your loving kindness and great energy. You are the bomb and your rock! I had a fantastic time with my lovely wife and Larry on your show yesterday. You are very intuitive and fun whilst reaching a powerful audience. I hope that there is a way to honor you, Just let us know what’s going on and what we can help with.
    Thanks for saving the world and empowering others with your wonderful connections!
    Love, Matt

  2. looking forward to being on the radio with you tomorrow. Mildred, Fred, Linda and Alice are looking forward to sharing a little light in the sun. Although Mildred doesn’t really like to share.

  3. THANK YOU, Melinda, for having me on your show twice!! Loved talking to you about my book, “The Sky Turned Green & The Grass Turned Blue: Diane’s Story” and sharing my journey with your listeners!

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