Metal Groove Radio

Hosted By: PJ Boston

Sundays from 6 – 8pm

Studio 1A

METAL GROOVE RADIO is live in Studio 1A every Sunday night from 6pm to 8pm (PST). MGR will bend, cross, erase and destroy any and all boundaries of each heavy metal genre, delivering only the tightest, most infectious metal grooves out there. Your host, PJ Boston, has seen and heard the most amazing music by the greatest metal artists ever while partying his way through the legendary Bay Area music scene for over 25 years. So tune-in to MGR, where PJ, Along with MGR’s co-hosts, Imac and Foze will have exclusive artist interviews, news and opinions on all things metal and don’t forget, the last Sunday of every month MGR will transform into KYUSS WORLD RADIO where all 2 hours will be dedicated to all of our good friends in Palm Desert and we will leave no stone unturned !!


Metal Groove Radio Podcast

2 thoughts on “Metal Groove Radio”
  1. Hey this is Paul from Simple Revenge. Thank you guys for playing our tracks, really appreciate it. I just locked in a show at Winters Tavern, Pacifica, Dec. 1st. That would be awesome to see you guys there.
    Anyways thanks again

    1. our pleasure Paul, any friend of ConnetiCliff’s is a friend of ours !! …. Winter’s on Dec 1st ?? hell yes we’ll be there brother \m/ \m/

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