Ranchwood Radio

Hosts: APlus and Reece

Sundays from 4pm – 6pm

Studio 2B

“Ranchwood Radio” Show was created to showcase underground music artists that don’t get the exposure and or radio spins their music deserves. Based out of Fresno, CA; We spin & support all talent from many different genres to name a few but not limited to; hip hop, rap, reggae, R&B, Soft Rock & many more ALL ACROSS THE PLANET. We focus on giving full & complete background information to our listeners so they can search music they like and also interact with the artists we play. Brought to you by underground artists, & here to provide an underground artist platform. Ranchwood Radio also touches basis on world events that may effect the underground rap culture as a whole directly or indirectly. Shoutouts, worthy album reviews, artists interviews, exclusive content, along with business promotions for the underground artist community. Ranchwood Radio was named after a series of mixtapes created by the original host “Plus” (A Plus Tha Kid) released in 2015. Accompanied by fellow underground artist; the much respected and well known, “Reece Loc” the two represent the same city and suffer from the same lack of a musical platform coming out of the Central Valley of California. A Giant pioneer step for the talented/ unheard voices who deserve to reach new consumers and be heard on a consistent basis to build a stronger, broader fan base organically. It’s a show you must listen to if you love undiscovered talent and new music. The show will be on air every Sunday 4pm – 6pm on fccfreeradio.com (click Studio 2b)

Ranchwood Radio PodCast