This week on The John Miller Program w/Rachel Gill they will be judging people again. This will be week 3 and the final for the “Next Great Voice” for FCCFREE RADIO. So after 12 men and woman competed with some of the crazy scripts that a VO talent will ever read, Michelle Brown and Lowell Rojon. They will be ran thru one more script each and then judged by returning guest judges Ash Fisher and Tom Sawyer and Howard Stone. Also they will be playing your voice mails from the Call it and Say it line!!  You can call 415-935-7309 AND SAY IT line! So make sure to tune it at 6 PM PST for the “Longest Running Comedy Podcast” The John Miller Program w/Rachel Gill

So vote for your favorite voice and we will use it in the judging of the “Next Great Voice” of FCCFREE RADIO.

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