John Miller

John was the host to The John Miller Program and the “Late Night” players. It was one of the top comedy talk radio shows in Phoenix Arizona and now working on San Francisco and worldwide. John was one of the founding fathers of KWSS 106.7 FM in Scottsdale AZ.  

He also worked for All Comedy Radio as a host and a judge for comedy competitions. If anyone knows comedy its John! The program has over 500 comics per year. John comes from the ranks of internet broadcasting and terrestrial radio. 

He started his radio show on his high school radio station at the age of 14. His first radio job was doing weekend over nights on his home town radio station KWNE 94.4 FM in Ukiah California. From there he was getting air time anyway he could get it. 

Internet broadcasting has treated him well. John is the grandfather of webcasting and cut the trail for other webcasters for high end guests. He was one of first to develop a live made for internet TV program This was first known made for TV internet video broadcast. 

This show was on the air for over 8 years. He had viewers from as far away U.K. His program has been talked about on The Howard Stern Show, CNET TV, Play TV, The Alex Bennett Program, NPR RADIO, NBC TV, and FOX Morning’s in Phoenix. 

He has had some of radios best guests like, Laura Corn America’s ..1 Sex & Romance Author for Playboy, Jill Ann Spalding from Playboy,(6 months before Howard Stern) Steven Root from “King of the Hill” “Office Space” Jason Rich Author of American Idol Season 3 All Access, All Comedy Radio’s Phil Perrier and more comics than you can count from Comedy Central and HBO.  

With that he decided he would be a promoter of comedy in Phoenix and the radio show had a stand-up competition called “The Comedy Squat”. Christmas 2004 John used his radio show to do a toy drive for the Phoenix Children Hospital. He launched “Toys for Tats” on a live remote from the largest strip club in Arizona. His show was #2 in giving toys to the hospital for Christmas, then he moved to San Francisco and opened FCCFREERADIO. This started as a terrestrial station in 2007 with three shows and now 13 years later, he is running the place and still loving it!!  

Need your project completed? Let John take the wheel, He will get you there but you will be glad you wore your seat belt and have airbags!