John Miller

FCCFREE RADIO is an Internet broadcasting company founded by John Miller in 2008 after he lost his job at Microsoft as a Computer Engineer for a staff of 400+. John was Operations Manager and CTO for a staff of 75+ at SurfNet Media Group an Pay for Play Internet broadcast company in Tempe AZ. While in Arizona he was CTO and Program Director of KWSS Radio 106.7 FM in Scottsdale Arizona. His very successful comedy program The John Miller Program has been called “The Longest Running Internet Broadcast” and “A Must Have for Comics in San Francisco”. The program has not went off the air in almost 15 years and was one of the first broadcasting live on the Internet. John now manages a staff of 100+ as Founder/General Manager of FCCFREE RADIO. He has been in the Internet broadcasting biz for over 15 years.Check out the mothership that named FFR.

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