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Published on April 9, 2019 By April Valenzuela

UNEEK RADIO is BACK!! ALL NEW SEASON 12 EPISODE 1 “ALL HAIL THE KWEEN!”. DJ Kween Uneek is back & she has a bunch of #BadAssBitchezzzz as her #SpecialGuest on this episode of Uneek Radio. The Kween & her friends just got back from #DinahShoreWeekend in Palm Springs & the party continues as they celebrate […]

UNEEK RADIO Season 6 Ep.12 “APRIL FOOL!” 04.03.18

Published on April 3, 2018 By April Valenzuela

UNEEK RADIO Season 6 Ep.12 “APRIL FOOL!!”. Tonight is the last episode of  Season 6 & since #DJKweenUneek recently celebrated her Birthday on  APRIL FOOLS DAY  she decided to make this episode ALL about her!! As she should, since she is the #Kween !! She truly defines what it means to be born as an  April Fool’s Baby ! She has a few […]

UNEEK RADIO Season 3 EP.12 “GO DJ! THAT’S MY DJ!” 04.11.17

Published on April 11, 2017 By April Valenzuela

Uneek Radio Season 3 Ep.12.”GO DJ!,THAT’S MY DJ!”  It’s the Last Episode of Season 3 & DJ Kween Uneek has a few surprises up her sleeves! Now that she’s back from her birthday tour, the Kween & her crew wants to show love by dedicating this show to their “Favorite DJ’s”. They will be playing […]

UNEEK RADIO Season 3 EP.10 “BRING THE NOIZE!” 03.21.17

Published on March 21, 2017 By April Valenzuela

UNEEK RADIO Season 3 Ep.10 “Bring The Noize!” In the words of Chuck D. – Bass! How low can you go? Death row, what a brother know? Once again, back is the incredible Rhyme animal The uncannable D, Public Enemy Number One Five-O said, “Freeze!” and I got numb Can I tell ’em that I really […]

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