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Replay’s again mom?

Published on February 5, 2013 By admin

So tonight will be a replay of last weeks podcast. John had guest co-host Nicole Turley. The guest list was, Chuck Farmham, Lori Thompson, Curtis DeMartini and Larry “Bubbles” Brown telling stories about working on The Alex Bennett Program at LIVE 105 in the 90’s. Also Nicole learns about “Blow Buddys”. Next week the program […]

Tonight on The John Miller Program

Published on January 29, 2013 By admin

Tonight on The John Miller Program will have guest co-host Nicole Turley. John and Nicole will host the cast of The Alex Bennett Program that was the king of morning radio in San Francisco in the 90’s on LIVE 105. First up on the phone they will have Larry “Bubbles” Brown. He was the traffic […]

As we go back in time…..

Published on November 24, 2012 By admin

On tonight’s JMP Rewind we have John and Susan hosting Chuck Farmham, Dave Wiswell and Yayne Abeba at the Studios of FCCFREE RADIO….. So set back and enjoy. This show aired 8/7/2010 Studio 2B at 10 PM PST tonight….

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, May 7

Published on May 7, 2011 By admin

Whoa Nelly do we have a big show for you this Saturday night. This is the night of comedy greatness. This is the night of erotic tension and comedic release. This is the night we welcome back our absolute Favorite regular guest on our show…he’s a comedy GENIUS (no big deal)…but he’s also the object […]

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Feb. 19

Published on February 19, 2011 By admin

Chuck Farnham was the radio stunt man of the year in FMQB for his work at Live 105. He attended the funerals of Richard Nixon, Sonny Bono, Buck Owens, and Roy Rogers. He was one of the 3 guys sued for Macplaymate by Playboy. He was in 4 adult films, Blondage, The Dog Walker, Fresh […]

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Jan. 1

Published on January 1, 2011 By John Miller

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta, Jan. 1 This New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2011, I will be in the program. …The John Miller Program…HEY-oh! Hey, where else can I go where I can immediately break all my New Year’s Resolutions, breathe in the stench of hungover comedians, and realize my true unfulfilled potential […]

This is a program John will remember for a long time!

Published on December 7, 2010 By admin

So this weeks program is great  till the last hour, when John was so drunk he left the studio to get sick. The question please! When was the last time John had to leave a live studio? Next question , when was the last time to get sick after drinking? While you ponder the question while you download the podcast. […]

Tonight on the JMP

Published on December 4, 2010 By John Miller

Well, well, well. Welcome to flu season. Hey I feel right at home here during flu season cuz I hang out with some sick m***** f*****s!!! Speaking of which, tonight on the John Miller Program with Susan Maletta…  Tony Sparks, known to all in the SF area as the “Father of SF Comedy”, is one […]

Tonight on The John Miller Program….

Published on November 27, 2010 By John Miller

So here it is the weekend after Thanksgiving… Susan is home sick. So like any caring husband would do he would go out and cheat on his wife! So for the first time in over 4 years John will be doing the program with a new co-host! Chantal Williams will be co-hosting tonight. Along with […]

Vince Desi returns to the JMP!

Published on November 20, 2010 By admin

We will be talking to my friend and founder of Postal the video game… Vince Desi. If you don’t know who Vince is well the logo below shows he loves to raise hell… This game is over the top…and 30 countries banned the game! He has kicked the Postmaster General ass for the right to use […]

This week on The John Miller Program

Published on November 2, 2010 By John Miller

I would think our friend Chuck Farnham will have questions to answer when John and Susan ask “How you got on CNN?” and “Why?”. Also we will be talking to him about the Pizza Oven he had installed in his house…. More to come Here is a link to CNN and the story

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