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What’s Really Happening?

Published on June 9, 2018 By Luke Sauer

Tune in Sunday noon to 2pm in studio 2b Cassandra Inglesby is co-hosting again. We’ve got up and coming burlesque star Mamie Mansfield joining us. We’ll have Ashley Winters from echoplex radio joining us.   Also to top things off properly we’ll be joined by rapper Qing Qi . I am your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on February 19, 2017 By Luke Sauer

Good morning everyone, I hope you set your alarm clocks to join me for another episode of What’s Really Happening today from noon to 2pm. I love this show and I hope you will too. There’s always something different and new .  I am even surprised by the different things that  happen.  Today’s Best Friends […]

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