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GPP Episode 25: The Vision Is Clear

Published on March 3, 2020 By Devon Black

Good evening my wonderful people.  We appreciate you joining us again for the GRM Presents Podcast with the Birthday Drama Hour. My lovely co-host, a partner in crime, Eye’z won’t in the studio today. She might call-in but we still will have a great show. Got some super cool music from today, yesterday, mainstream and […]

GRM Presents Podcast Ep 10

Published on October 15, 2019 By Devon Black

My good people out there in podcast listening land. GRM Presents Podcast has reached episode 10. This is our 1st of perhaps many more milestones to come. Tonight is a special episode.  We’ll as usual play some great music from today, yesterday, mainstream and indie. We’ll have segment dedicated to superstar singer/actress/model/activist Diahann Carroll who […]

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