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Episode 31: Never Lose Sight Of The Mission

Published on April 14, 2020 By Devon Black

Back again for another installment of GRM Presents Podcast/Birthday Drama Hour.  This broadcast I’ll play good music by artists today, yesterday, mainstream and indie artists.  I might do a movie review or two. Let’s see how everything play out. Broadcast starts at 5 pm. Submissions for 2020 GRM Awards Are Open https://grmpresents.com/home/blog/2020-grm-awards-submissions-are-open Song Requests https://grmpresents.com/grm-forum/boards/15065/topics/175587?p=1 […]

GPP Episode 23: Its All In Your Mind

Published on February 18, 2020 By Devon Black

Hello family and friends. We are back with another installment of the GRM Presents Podcast with the Birthday Drama Hour starting live tonight at 5 pm. We got some great music from the past to new from indie to mainstream. We’ll update you on the currents for GRM Presents and other interesting news. 5pm – […]

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