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What’s Really Happening? 02/02/20

Published on February 1, 2020 By Luke Sauer

  Tune in Sunday noon to 3  in studio 2b. My guests this Sunday are Musicians Ron Scott and David Hull. We’ll also have singers Nina Noir and January The Artist in studio.  Ron Scotts bringing a book he was in that was written by Janice Edwards.  There’s a paragraph in it he’ll share with us that highlights a theme […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on February 4, 2018 By Luke Sauer

Happy Superbowl Sunday, I’ve got a great show for you to root for! For starters I’ve got musical guest Donatella in the studio. He plays a great accordion and voice to bow too. Then I’ve gotta lineup of comedians joining us. I’ll have comedians Wendy Lewis, Iesha Birdsong, Joseph Crespillo Sr, and William Williams in […]

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