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What’s Really Happening?

Published on January 21, 2018 By Luke Sauer

Happy National Hugging Day! Let’s not make this awkward, let’s feel the love. Let’s embrace and really feel it. Don’t leave me hanging. Anyways..comedian Cassandra Inglesby is my co-host today. We will have musicians Eu4ic and Niko Korolog in the studio. We will also have the honor of having musician Marissa Kay in the studio. […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on January 29, 2017 By Luke Sauer

  Good Morning and welcome to another episode of The What’s Really Happening Show. I am really looking forward to todays show. I bought four energy drinks to prepare for todays show. Laura Benitez is gonna sing some songs and tell us how the womens March was. After that Promise is promoting his new single […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on January 22, 2017 By Luke Sauer

Welcome to another episode of the What’s Really Happening show. For those that have been wondering , yes my court case is over and I am all clear. I can leave that in 2016. Being the righteous person I am the outcome showed that I wasn’t the person I was being painted as. Too celebrate that […]

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