BORODJS_WEB(900x900px)Tune in today for the last Boro DJs show for 2015. We will be recaping some of the music that made MightyL’s list of Fav’s this year. Also in the second hour we will be saluting the God Father of soul himself, James Brown. So join us for that last 2015 vibe, because 2016 will be a monster for us.

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ear drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. Jazz to Punk, Soul to Salsa. Good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the Family as they embark on a funky ride. Saturday’s starting @6pm(pst) in studio 2B. Good vibes and dope sounds around. “We send you into the nite….RIGHT!”

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twitter: @BoroDJs

By Joel

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