THE BORO DJs SHOW: The P-Funk Show pt.1

img_2743Today on the this special collaboration  with The B-Side Mikey Show. The Boro goes deeeeeep into the P-Funk vaults and brings out the heat. MightyL will be spinning every thing Parliament. The first hour he will dive into some Digital Underground to set it off. Followed up in the second hour with the main event….P-Funk. With guest host B-Side Mikey riding shot gun, we will also dive into some history behind George Clinton’s creation. Two hours of nothing but the funk, but that’s not it. The show continues for another two hours on the B-Side Mikey Show. Where we go even deeper with live performances and more funk. So check us today starting at 6pm(pst) in studio 2B on and then The B-side Mikey Show at 8pm(pst) in the same studio. Click the highlighted link to jump to his page. We will with out a doubt send you into the night….RIGHT! Chea!


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