The Bourbon Break – EP. 52: The “BYE BYE, BOURBON BREAK!” Episode w/ Lulu

On the Fifty-Second and Final episode of The Bourbon Break, I chop it up with my hella-homie, Lulu, about Interracial Royal’n, Town Biz, Oprah Not Bein’ ‘Bout That Wed Life, Wypipo, #MOMS4HOUSING, Black Dude Shit, Chicana Stuff, Issa Rae, Votin’ in 2020, Takin’ and Leavin’ Unsolicited Advice, Harvey Weinstein Fake Cripin’, First Time Parenting After 40, Uncle Sam Molestin’ These Pockets, Life After Breakin’ Bourbon, and other topics of the fuckery persuasion.

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